What Does BBCOR Mean – In-Depth Breakdown, FAQs, & More

Baseball has grown over the years with technology’s help, creating a new standard used in the game. For some years now, BBCOR certified bat has been the most popularly used bat in high school and college.

While there has been a great deal of hype surrounding the bat, there are still many questions surrounding the BBCOR bats. The name seems to be recognizable among players and fans and a popular certification to have on your bat, but what does BBCOR mean exactly?

What does BBCOR stand for?

Many players want a BBCOR bat among their equipment rack but do not know what the acronym stands for. BBCOR is an acronym for Batted Coefficient Resolution.

BBCOR regulates the amount of energy lost when the bat hits the ball. To simply put it, the more the number of bat scores increases in a BBCOR test, the more it bounces off the bat, creating a trampoline-like affect.

The highest score received by a BBCOR bat is 0.50. it is almost the same as that of a wooden bat, only different because it is slightly higher.

What specification does BBCOR have to meet before certification?

BBCOR bats also have to meet certain specifications before they can be certified.

  1. The bat must be aluminum because wooden bats cannot be certified as BBCOR and must also meet some measurement specifications.
  2. They are required to have a diameter not higher than 25/8.
  3. Length to barrel ratio cannot be greater than -3
  4. The bat length should not be longer than 36 inches.

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Reason for BBCOR creation

The main reason behind the creation of the BBCOR standard was the faults found in the previous standard.

BESR Standard

The previous standard that organizations used was called the BESR standard. This standard compared pitch velocity and the ball’s velocity after it has made contact with the bats. This standard was used on aluminum bats for years but also had many flaws.

What was the biggest flaw in the BESR standard?

The biggest flaw found when using this standard was an increase in offensive production. After division I college baseball statistics in which the BESR standard was used, they were apparent increases in the offensive production found in the statistics.

The most noticeably in home runs and runs batted in. it was also noticed that the balls were leaving the bat at such high rates that pitchers’ safety was brought into question.

The BBCOR standard was seen as a much better alternative as batting speed reduces by 5%. It also ensures that composite barrel bats undergo an accelerated break-in test before they can be certified.

what does bbcor mean

Who needs a BBCOR bat?

College and Highschool

Since the inception of BBCOR bats years ago, it has become necessary for all baseball organizations to use a BBCOR bat. For instance, the only bat accepted for you to play college and high school baseball must be BBCOR certified. If you’re entering high school and want to continue your baseball career, you will need a BBCOR certified bat.

Are there any exceptions in selecting a bat?

There are some exceptions to this rule, but if you prefer using a wooden bat in the future. You can use them in colleges and high schools without needing a BBCOR certification if made of one piece of solid wood, except bamboo wood. Any other type of wood bat must be BBCOR certified before it can be used.

There are other reasons for using BBCOR certified bats other than entering the high school and college ranks.

Leagues and Divisions

Some young leagues and divisions require that a BBCOR-certified bat be used. These leagues could have players that are 11- 14 in the age range. If your league requires a certified BBCOR bat, you should check the organization’s website or find out through a league representative.

How to Know a Certified BBCOR Bat?

There are many ways in knowing whether the BBCOR bat you own is certified or not.

Official Mark

The first thing you should check or look for on the bat is the BBCOR official mark. The mark is usually seen as “BBCOR Certified,” with a number received from its test right to it. For instance, a non-wood with BBCOR certification will have a mark that says “BBCOR Certified .50.”


It would help if you were wary of ensuring that your bat is BBCOR certified to make sure it doesn’t have the USSSA BPF 1.15 mark on it. Some youth and senior leagues’ big barrel bats have this marking on them. The mark on the bat reads USSSA on the top, followed by 1.15 BPF at the bottom.

So if your bat is found to have this mark, then it is not BBCOR certified and will not be allowed to be used. If you follow these steps, you are sure to know what a certified BBCOR bat is.

What is BBCOR Made of?

BBCOR bats are constructed from aluminum alloy or composite materials.

Aluminum Alloy

Alloy bats mixed with other metals are used to create a more robust product called an aluminum alloy. BBCOR aluminum alloy bat features a one-piece design, and the barrel is designed to have thinner and more responsive walls to increase pop.

Composite Bats

Composite bats are usually made from a mixture of carbon fiber, graphite, fiberglass, and sometimes Kevlar. BBCOR bats are sometimes even made with an alloy barrel and composite handle. Composite BBCOR bats feature a 2-piece construction, making them light and more flexible than a 1-piece alloy bat that is relatively stiff

The bat is great for players looking to increase the speed of their bat. Hybrid BBCOR bats keep growing in popularity each day. It features a 2-piece design and is constructed with an alloy barrel and composite handle, which allows for a lighter handle and a longer, more responsive barrel.

BBCOR aluminum alloy bat features a one-piece design, and the barrel is designed to have thinner and more responsive walls to increase pop.


There you have everything you need to know about BBCOR. From this article above, you will find out how significant the game’s essential BBCOR bats are and why you should own one as a player. For more information relating to baseball, check out;

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