Composite Bats vs Aluminum Bats – Detailed Comparison, Pros, Cons, & More

Bats are used in baseball; bats can be made out of different materials. However, the most popular material include Aluminum, wooden, composite, and alloy bats.

The bat is used in baseball to hit the ball once thrown by the pitcher; baseball players use it. The baseball bats were once of different sizes, but today, the baseball bat sizes have been regulated, with the bat’s diameter no more than 7.0cm and 1.067m in length. The bat is now made from various materials; however, when it comes down to the best bat in terms of what to consider before selecting your baseball bat,

Then the bat’s length, weight, and materials come into play. Whenever this debate occurs, it always boils down to these composite materials and Aluminum bats. These are all good bats when we consider the materials they are made from; however, getting the best of the three is not an easy fit as people generally have different preferences.

However, in most cases, most people opt for the aluminum bat, which is also known as alloy, due to different reasons that will be discussed later on in the article.

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Baseball Bat – Guide to Buy

Before discussing the bat’s types, we have based on composite and Aluminum bats, highlighting some of the major things to be considered before getting a bat is appropriate. However, the topic’s major theme is to help you know the best between composite and aluminum bats.

When getting a bat, the weight and length of the bat should be taken into major consideration.


The bat’s weight is often based on what you feel when you take a swing with the bat. For instance, when a bat feels too heavy in your palm or begins to drop from your palm mid-swing, that should tell you the bat is too heavy for you. A bat that can be held outstretched for up to thirty seconds will serve you better.


Length of the bat is another major consideration as a bat that is too long for you will affect your swing, so you want to get a bat not too long for you. These are basic but major things one should know before getting a bat.

Now the major theme of the topic is the debate on which is best between composite and aluminum bat and why the better one is better.

Composite Bat

The composite bat is a type of baseball bat based on the material used in making it; The composite bat makes use of a reinforced carbon fiber polymer or composite in the making of the bat. The composite can make up part or all of the bat. A typical example of this is the one-piece and two-piece bat. The difference between the one-piece bat and the two-piece bat is highlighted below.

One-piece bats

One-piece bat is a complete composite bat that is the whole body of the bat using reinforced carbon fiber polymer in its making. This type of bat is great for balance and a powerful swing; the one-piece composite bat also produces less sting in the user’s hands except when poor contact is made with the ball.

Two-piece bat

As its name implies, the two-piece bat is made when the barrel and the handle are merged; in this case, a part of the bat can be made of composite; in most cases, it is the handle to help reduce vibration. The two-piece bat also has its advantages as it can withstand more vibrations.

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The one-piece composite bat can generally be referred to as a composite bat, while the two pieces are known as composite hybrid bats due to the part use of composite in the construction.

Pros of Composite Bat

Composite has its advantages like:

  • Reduces the stinging effect
  • Possess a wider sweet spot than Aluminum

Cons of Composite Bat

As good as the composite bat seems, it possesses a major disadvantage.

  • More expensive when compared to Aluminum.
  • Cannot be used in cold weather as the polymers used in its construction are susceptible to breaking.

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Aluminum Bat

aluminum bat

The aluminum or alloy bat is a mixture of metal; this bat has been used in baseball for years. The aluminum bat has a much stiffer feel in the hands of the user.

Pros of Aluminum Bat

  • More durable than the composite bat
  • Can be used in any weather without the fear of it being susceptible to breaking.
  • The aluminum bat is less expensive when compared to its composite counterpart.

Cons of Aluminum Bat

However, as good as the aluminum bat sounds, it has its disadvantages.

  • It stings the hand in contact with the ball because it cannot withstand as much vibration as the composite bat.
  • The aluminum bat also possesses a smaller sweet spot than the composite bat,

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In conclusion, both bats are great; however, when pitched directly against each other, one will see that the aluminum bat is a better option.

Although the composite is a great option for a bat, the disadvantages look far more grave than Aluminum. The Aluminum bat is more durable than the composite bat, which means it will provide you with more years of use at a cheaper rate than the composite as composite is more expensive.

Also, Aluminum can be used in any weather without the fear of it breaking, unlike the composite, which is susceptible to breaking under cold weather; the only advantage the composite has over Aluminum is its ability to withstand more vibration than Aluminum.

When all these factors are considered point by point, Aluminum is a better option for a bat than the composite bat, leading us to conclude that the aluminum bat is the best bat for you to get when considering getting a bat.