Top Baseball Throwing Drills – Detailed Guide, Tips, & More

In a baseball game, the most important basic skill needed for a good defense is throwing. It is the ability of the player that how quickly and accurately the ball is thrown to make scoring for the opponent difficult. It is all about technique, if the technique is correct the ball will surely hit the target.

To correct your technique of throwing we have gathered some of the top baseball throwing drills.

Top Baseball Throwing Drills

Baseball Throwing Drills

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High Five Drill for Proper Throwing Mechanism

The high five drills are an excellent training mechanism drill that helps players, especially those having to throw trouble in baseball enables players to generate good muscle memory and teach them to throw through the ball, preventing them from injuring themselves.

To practice the high five drill mechanism, here are the steps to follow:

  1. A player should stand with his shoulders square to your target while having a good “L” in his arm
  2. Make sure the elbow is up to shoulder high
  3. The coach should put his hand on the player’s throwing hand and create minor friction on the throwing arm.
  4. The player will then throw straight through his coach’s hand, coming through and finishing to the front leg.
  5. The coach should make sure that the player doesn’t come around as he throws.

Quick Hand Quick Feet Baseball Throwing Drill

The quick hand, quick feet baseball throwing drill is a fantastic throwing drill that can be done alone. To try this throwing drill, follow the steps below:

  1. Hold your ball in a catching position, then simulate a throw after you turn
  2. Turn your foot sideways, extend your throwing arm to the target, and then return to the catching position. Then repeat.

Outfielder Throwing Technique

In baseball, an outfielder throws differently from other players; however, pitch riders are sometimes considered parallel. Below we shall talk about how to work with an outfielder to take advantage of his arm strength.

Typically, when an outfielder moves to make a throw, he will split the glove and drop the throwing hands down to his waist. Then moves down, up, and down in a circle and releases the ball. This movement makes an outfielder gain more acceleration, which in turn aids faster throws. Don’t forget to always point the knee, hip, and shoulder at your target.

When the throwing arm is back, extend the gloves and place your fingers on top of the ball. Fold the glove back to the chest and your arm at 90 angles to start the throw, as the coach helps pull the arm through. Your fingers should be behind the ball in a firm grip, and make sure your throwing arm has reached 90 degrees angle.

The Play Catch Throwing Drill

Play catch throwing drill is a long toss and an awesome multi-purpose drill. It enables players to grow to throw power and accuracy. To do this throwing drill, follow the steps below:

  1. Flexed slightly on your knees
  2. Stay in the same posture as when hitting
  3. The Player’s hands should be right in front of the body
  4. The player will then step behind and then move forward
  5. Raise your elbows, find equal and opposite, then rotate firmly
  6. Finish with the eyes level to the perimeter.
  7. Try to keep your ball within the frame of the body you are throwing to; else you might lose the throw.

Tuck and Throw Throwing Drill

Looking for a throwing drill to enhance your player’s ability to tuck and throw? Then you ought to try drilling them the tuck and throw; this drill will enable them to get a good glove tuck.

To try the tuck and throw throwing drill, follow the steps below:

  1. Stand your player at the scarecrow position
  2. Make sure the player is utilizing the front side of his body
  3. Focus on throwing through the ball, then pull the glove hard towards the body.
  4. Tuck the glove as it will add velocity to the pitch
  5. Repeat 10 to 15 times

Knee Throwing Drill

If your players don’t know the importance of gloves and closing the gap upfront, then the knee throwing drill this drill will help your players to improve their throwing mechanism. To do this throwing drill, follow the steps below:

  1. Take a long toss on your knee to know what the glove will feel like at the release point.
  2. Drop to your knees
  3. Find the equal and opposite
  4. Squared off your knees so that the mechanism will be the same when you throw it on the ground or stand. When throwing on flat ground, half of your body is squared off when your arms come through. So your feet, your torso, and your arms are involved.

Isolated Field Throwing Drill

In this throwing drill, you will stride without striding; it allows you to focus mainly on your throwing. In an isolated field throwing drill, you don’t have to worry about the lower part of your body; all you have to focus on is getting the ball into the right position, using a correct release, the correct arm angle, and other essential elements of throwing. This drill improved the accuracy and throwing skills of your players.

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The above-mentioned throwing drills are one of the tops you are supposed to drill your players on. They help improve your players’ throwing mechanism, help them generate good muscles, and prevent themselves from sustaining injuries.

The drills also open room for players to improve their baseball mechanisms. As you coach your players on these drills, they will continue to work on their throws as they prepare ahead for the big game.

Don’t forget to drop the throwing drill you enjoy most in the comment section.