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I have always loved baseball since I was a small child, and even though I never became a professional player as that was my dream, I still enjoy playing the game, and I became a writer that writes about baseball and other sports. However, once the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, I feared that I would not be able to play my beloved ballgames during that summer. However, as the summer progressed and I took chances by playing some games, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that baseball is a COVID-19 safe game as you can have fun with it because it is outdoors and you can socially distance yourself from others. 

Therefore, it was also during the pandemic era that motivated me to establish Baseball Rampage. Baseball Rampage is a baseball resource for novice and experienced ballplayers. There are sections on the site that help novices familiarize themselves with baseball and a helpful tips section for beginners and experienced players. There is a section for youths that provide information on the right type of equipment, apparel, shoes, and baseball tips. 

There are also reviews on clothing, shoes, bats, mitts, gloves, protective gear, and training equipment to make the game safe and enjoyable. Other contributors to Baseball Rampage include a sports and baseball equipment salesperson and a baseball instructor. Click on each of the bios to learn more about them. 

Rob Hansen Rob Hansen

Editor in Chief

Rob Hansen is a baseball enthusiast born and raised in Manhattan, New York. He has been interested in sports since his early childhood. Competitive, energetic, and optimistic, Rob became a known figure in his high school for his brilliant sportsmanship

His passionate journey started in the early ’20s when his parents introduced him to softball during a pleasant summer break. Most of his time was spent in baseball camps where he refined his skills.

Amidst appreciation and fame in high school, Rob met an unfortunate event that led to a serious hand injury. He felt downhearted to take a break from his fierce hobby. At the very end of high school, he somewhat managed to score some home runs to help the team win.

He attended New York University to get a New York Physical Teacher Certificate. He worked hard to become a physical education teacher at a local high school. To say this period was tough for Rob is indeed an understatement.

While working for certification, he decided to study sports tactics, equipment, and precautions in detail. His collection of sports articles, blogs, and magazines is worth appreciation. Never did he know that his casual study would become his greatest matter of interest.

After college, Rob carried out his profession as a phys ed teacher. Although it is a progressive and inspiring field, he felt disconnected from his real skillset. Not long after that, he got into a training center to become an instructor.

At this stage, Rob is a successful teacher and an instructor at a local high school. 

You can see Rob even more pleased with his personal life. He is happily married with a daughter and a friendly Doberman. Just like baseball, he is passionate about adventures. He loves traveling and camping with his colleagues. Rock concerts are another delight for Rob.

Recently, he decided to share his expertise with Baseball Rampage. Without a doubt, he is a worthwhile contributor and works professionally with our team to keep all the baseball lovers up-to-date.  

Grant MonahanGrant Monahan

Coach & Content Consultant 

Grant Monahan belongs to a well-off family living in Boston, Massachusetts. He was raised in a business environment with a future-oriented mindset. As a child, he was determined to become a Police Officer. Time passed and his interest shifted from officer to salesmanship.

Grant was 12 years old when his father started to take him to his shop on Sundays. This small, yet spacious shop sold hockey equipment in the local marketplace. Grant always felt overwhelmed by sports items. At a very early age, he found himself interested in sports gear, clothes, and essentials.

Unlike everyone else on our team, Grant was not the athletic type to excel at sports but he did pretty well with baseball. It became his favorite activity in high school especially after getting selected for an inter-school baseball competition.  Grant felt overwhelmed when he managed to bring pride to his team.

Later that summer, Grant traveled to various cities in USA and Canada to enjoy ballgames. All his friends loved to accompany him at Red Sox games. Other team members often appreciated him for his sound-mindedness. He wasn’t an excellent player back then but always enjoyed playing baseball.

Selected at Boston University, Grant wholeheartedly pursued his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Sales. Less than half of the degree passed when Grant’s father became seriously ill. Being the only son demanded great responsibility from him.

Grant is sharp with an above-average IQ level. Studying his favorite subjects wasn’t hard for him. Along with it, he regularly visited his father’s shop which was not going so well, financially.

At this stage of life, Grant became very clear about his professional career. He was in love with the idea of selling professional baseball equipment despite business complexities. He still dreams that one day he will open a sports equipment store where everyone can buy quality products.  

Presently, Grant works as a salesperson in a local baseball equipment shop. As a ball game lover with a salesman degree, it is indeed a perfect job for him.

With his ideal job and manageable workload, he spends plenty of time with his family and parents. Grant has two children and two dogs who are way more into sports than him. He loves to spend his leisure time playing guitar and learning new chords.

Grant is doing an exceptional job here at Baseball Rampage. His experience and passion make him perfect for recommending you baseball apparatus, clothing, shoes, and other high-quality equipment.        

Jason McMahonJason McMahon

Writer, Researcher & Product Reviewer 

Jason McMahon was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. He was hardworking and smart since childhood. He invested most of his time reading magazines, novels, and newspapers. His parents always wished to see him in a doctor’s robe. However, young Jason had another plan in mind.

Jason was more of an indoor person with an ordinary routine. Yet his greatest inspiration was Craig Biggo. Because of Craig, baseball became his passion in his mid-teenage. He often played in Little League and attended many ball games.

High school gave him a chance to improve his baseball skills for a while. Not long after, he became physically unfit to play professional baseball for a couple of years. This unfortunate event redirected his attention toward writing about baseball.

For Jason, writing about sports was the next best thing he could do. He spent nights searching about his favorite players, their success stories, and experiences. He knew this was something he was good at.

He attended Seattle University to get his degree in Journalism. This career path was perfectly aligned with Jason’s talent and interest. He started working as a publisher in this sports niche. Moreover, Jason’s past writings made an excellent portfolio which allowed him to get projects from private clients as well.

Jason is habitual of playing baseball every spring and summer. He felt devastated when the COVID-19 pandemic dominated the spring of 2020. The lockdown made him do some research on baseball’s nature of play. How found studies claiming that baseball is a low-contact game played outdoor. Therefore, it can be considered a pandemic-safe sport.

Quick-witted Jason McMahon found a niche amidst lockdown. The whole situation motivated him to work for Baseball Rampage, a resource for baseball fans around the world that has everything to do with the game. He wanted to let everyone know that baseball is a pandemic-safe game and can be played during times of uncertainty.

Jason is a big asset for Baseball Rampage. With his research and writing skills, he makes sure to keep you updated about everything that has to do with baseball.

Apart from journalism, Jason enjoys a lot of recreational activities. He is always ready for long drives, camping, and hiking with his high school friends. He often cooks in his leisure time.