How to Clean Batting Gloves – Step-by-Step Guide, FAQs, & More

Batting gloves are a component of baseball sport. Commonly made up of leather palm and a back made of synthetic fiber.

Batting gloves protect one or both hands of a player, providing warmth, and comfort, preventing blisters and shock absorption when hitting a ball.

The gloves are considered an essential part of baseball equipment, though they aren’t regarded as a must in any part of the game. Batting gloves are also used by cricket players and others.

Why Do Players Wear Batting Gloves?

Why Do Players Wear Batting Gloves?

Though wearing batting gloves isn’t mandatory at any stage of a baseball game, many players of all levels wear them because they serve some important purposes. These include:

  • Batting gloves help increase the quality of grip on a bat, and we all know that to hit successfully, you will have to maintain a tight and controlled grip because the slightest loss of grip can cost a team greatly.
  • Not only that, but batting gloves also act as protectors when the hands slide into a base.
  • They also act as shock protectors and reduce the risk of getting blisters.

Many players had claimed they feel much better when they wore their gloves.

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How to Clean Baseball Batting Gloves?

Cleaning baseball batting gloves are very important; it makes them last longer and prevents them from stinking.

Below, we shall share some cleaning steps to ensure your batting gloves stay clean. Please grab a cup of tea as we go through.

Step 1: Remove Excess Dirt after Playing Game

After each game, make sure you hit your gloves against each other to remove excess dirt before putting them inside your bag. This will help you to get rid of specks of dirt.

After you have rest, then get ready for the real glove cleaning!

  • Take your dry leather cleaning brush and brush off all specks of dirt gently; brushing gently will prevent you from damaging the glove’s surface layer.
  • Removing excess dirt from your gloves is something you might do after playing each game; it will make your gloves look cleaner and increase their lifespan.

Step 2: Wash your Glove With Soap and Water

  1. Sometimes gloves will be dirty inside, in such case you will have to turn them inside out.
  2. Mix a few drops of liquid soap or detergent in a container with warm water to make a solution.
  3. Get a soft cotton cloth, dip it inside the solution and use it to clean your glove thoroughly, making sure you remove all dirt.
  4. Next, use a soft dry cloth to soak up the moisture on the gloves.
  5. When you are done, turn the gloves and clean the outside using the remaining water and soap solution.
  6. But this time, rub thoroughly until foams build, and take care when cleaning the dirty bits. But don’t oversoak it with water.

Step 3: Wipe your Gloves Clean

When you finish cleaning with soap and water, the next step is to wipe the batting gloves clean.

Keep wiping till the gloves are fully clean. However, it would be best if you were careful not to drench the leather of your glove with too much water. Then leave them to dry at room temperature.

Step 4: Let the Gloves Dry

After wiping your gloves thoroughly, the next and final step is to dry them. To dry them, hang them up in a dry area at room temperature away from sunlight.

Once your gloves are wholly dried up, apply a small amount of leather cleaner of choice to them. Then you are completely done cleaning your gloves.

How Safe is it to Clean Gloves Using Washing Machine?

Washing gloves with machines isn’t encouraging as most batting gloves on the market are made from leather and other synthetic materials. Because of the presence of that leather, cleaning them with a washing machine can ruin the leather.

However, few brands make their batting gloves without using any synthetic fabric or leather. These gloves are also good and can be cleaned and dried with a washing machine.

But if you are not sure whether your batting glove is made from natural fiber or not, it’s better to avoid cleaning it with a washing machine and resolve to clean it with your hand.

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Please don’t wait till the end of a season or till the gloves are very dirty before you wash them, this will reduce their lifespan, make them look rough, and make them stink.

To make sure your batting gloves are in good shape, clap them together to remove any excess dirt before putting them back into your bag.

This you are supposed to do after each game, and from time to time, make a solution of liquid soap and warm water to wash it with a cloth; after you have finished cleaning it, wipe it with a dry cloth and dry it at a room temperature in a dry place for a week.