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Baseball is an outdoor game consisting of nine players each on opposing teams. The nine positions in baseball are the catcher, pitcher, first baseman, second baseman, third baseman, shortstop, left fielder, right fielder, and center fielder positions.

All players require baseball gear for protection and better performance. Examples of equipment used include helmets, gloves, bat, cleats, etc. All players in baseball have specific gloves depending on their positions.

There are also different baseball glove manufacturers.

Baseball Gloves

Baseball gloves are from leather or synthetic materials, and they are position-specific.


The different types of baseball gloves are outfielders’ gloves, infielders’ gloves, first baseman gloves, catcher’s mitt, and pitchers gloves.


Parts of a baseball glove include the web, palm, heel, lacing, hinge, and wrist adjustment.


The web of the glove has a tightly woven piece of leather that connects the fingers and the thumb for control of the ball on impact.


The palm of the glove is the padding beneath the leather that protects the hands during impact.


The heel of the glove is the lower portion of the glove on the palm side, and it determines the break of the glove.


Lacing provides shape for the glove, and it is generally from leather.


The hinge allows the glove to open and close with ease, while wrist adjustment is for adjusting the glove, which is optional.


There are leading manufacturers of baseball gloves and gear, and they include Rawlings, Marucci, etc.

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nokona gloves review

Nokona Gloves

Nokona is an American company with its base in Texas. Nokona makes specially handcrafted leather gloves that give a unique feel to players.

Nokona makes slow-pitch softball, fast-pitch softball, and baseball gloves. The softball gloves are larger than the baseball gloves due to the difference in ball size.

Types of Nokona Gloves

There are different types of Nokona gloves, and they have various features. Nokona gloves include;

Nokona Alpha Select 11.25 inches Youth Baseball Glove

Any position can use this glove. Its specifications are

  • Weighs about 475g and is 11.25 inches in length.
  • This glove utilizes supersoft leather as its raw material.
  • It has an I-Web design because the web has an I shape.
  • The glove is relatively easy to break-in, and it has an index finger pad for protection.
  • The glove is also very durable and has a 12-month warranty.
  • The Nokona Alpha Select 11.25” glove is suitable for young teenage players.

Nokona Alpha Select 10.5 inches Youth Baseball Glove

The Nokona Alpha Select, 10.5 inches glove, is one of the highest quality gloves produced.

  • It is 10.5 inches in size
  • Has an I-Web design
  • Buffalo and stampede leather is the leather for manufacturing this glove, and it has a game-ready feel.
  • The glove also has an open back, smaller hand opening, and tighter finger stalls.
  • It is a Nolera composite padding system that makes it feel lighter than a traditional glove.
  • The Nokona Alpha Select 10.5” weighs about 450g and comes with a 12-month warranty.

Nokona Walnut 12 inches Baseball Glove

The glove is from walnut crunch leather which is flexible, durable, and stable.

  • 12-inch length, a conventional open back, and a partial basket web.
  • Nokona Walnut glove is suitable for pitchers and third baseman players.
  • The glove is stiff, which will require break-in, and it has an index finger pad for protection.
  • Has a design that will fit a high school or an adult-sized hand.
  • 12 inches Baseball glove is durable and comes with a one-year warranty.

Nokona X2 Elite 13 inches First Base Mitt

This glove is from Kangaroo leather which is very tough.

  • The glove is suitable for a first base player, and the design is in H-Web.
  • The glove is 13 inches in length
  • It comes with a 24-month warranty.

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Nokona gloves are very durable and of high quality. Nokona has a reputation for producing timeless, dependable gloves with a high level of attention to detail. Nokona gloves are handcrafted and made from the best leather available. The gloves are durable and come with a warranty.


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