Nike MVP Elite Batting Gloves Review – In-Depth Overview, FAQs, & More

Baseball is an outdoor game that requires different equipment and gear. Examples of baseball gear are helmets, bats, gloves, etc.

Baseball bats can cause stings in the handle due to vibrations from mishits. These stings hurt the player’s hands, and players must protect their hands. Batting gloves can serve as protection against stings. Batting gloves also provide comfort, prevent blisters, and improve grip.

Batting Gloves

Batting gloves are one of the essential gear for playing bat-ball games. A batting glove has a leather palm and nylon back.


  1. Batting gloves cover the hand and provide warmth and comfort.
  2. A batting glove also improves grip and prevents blisters.
  3. It also helps with shock absorption from holding a bat.

If you are using one batting glove, wear it in your right hand if you are a left-handed player and on your left hand if you are a right-handed player.


There are different boat manufacturers, and they include Nike, Rawlings, Adidas, Easton, etc. Batting gloves range from 14.5 cm to 19 cm.


To find the right size of batting gloves, measure from the bottom of your palm to the top of your middle finger in centimeters.


There are two size categories for batting gloves, and they are youth and adult sizes.

  1. The youth category has 14.5cm, 15.0cm, and 15.5cm for small, medium, and large sizes.
  2. For the Adult category, small, medium, large, and X-Large sizes are 17.5cm, 18.0cm, 18.5cm, and 19.0cm.


To ensure the durability of batting gloves, proper care of the glove is necessary.

Caring for gloves includes brushing lightly with a leather brush, cleaning with an alcohol-free wipe, or washing with an alcohol-free detergent. After washing, always dry the glove and use a conditioner. Glove conditioners are useful for softening, cleaning, and restoring leather. Conditioners also enhance color and preserve the leather’s natural scent.

For more information about glove conditioners, check out Best Baseball Glove Conditioners

nike mvp elite batting gloves review

Nike Batting Gloves

Nike is a leading manufacturer of sports apparel and accessories. Some of their products include shoes, jerseys, shorts, cleats, gloves, etc. Professional sportspeople wear Nike, and this is proof of quality.

Nike batting gloves are comfortable and improve performance in players.

Types of Batting Gloves

Nike has various types of batting gloves in different colors and sizes for both males and females. Some of their batting gloves include;

  1. Nike Alpha Huarache Edge
  2. Nike Hyperdiamond Edge
  3. Nike Force Edge
  4. Nike Swingman
  5. Nike MVP Elite

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Nike MVP Elite Batting Gloves

Nike MVP Elite gloves are a series of professional batting gloves which improve grip and performance when handling the bat.


  • The gloves use sheepskin leather as raw material for the palm. This leather increases comfort, durability, and bat grip.
  • The glove has a one-piece design that eliminates seams and prevents wear and tear.
  • The glove design includes a mesh gusset. This mesh allows airflow and prevents excess sweat and heat.
  • The glove also has adjustable straps at the wrist for easy adjustment and a custom feeling for all players.


The Nike MVP Elite has two members in its series, and they include;

Nike MVP Elite Pro 2.0 BG Volt/Bone S

The Nike MVP Elite Pro 2.0 features smooth sheepskin leather for durability. The glove also has a one-piece palm construction with mesh panels at the thumb and knuckles for ventilation and flexibility.

Nike MVP Elite Batting Glove – X-Large

The Nike MVP Elite Batting Glove – X- Large features textured sheepskin leather with a mesh at the back of the hand for ventilation. The glove also has an adjustable strap for a good fit.


Batting gloves are optional but essential when playing games. They provide comfort and reduce stings that may come from bats due to vibrations. Picking the right size of batting gloves is necessary.

Nike MVP Elite Batting Gloves have an adjustable strap that provides a customized fit for players and can also order for your size. The Nike MVP Elite glove cost between 40 to 61 dollars


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