What is the Average Baseball Bat Weight – In-Depth Guide, Tips, & More

Baseball is an important sport globally, and like every other sport, its Equipment is important. In this case, the baseball bat. The baseball bat is a crucial part of the game; if you are a baseball fan, I am sure you are familiar with this already.

Just like the skills, Routine, stance, and physical fitness of a batter are important. Most times, little consideration is often awarded to this tiny yet crucial detail.

Are baseball bats made from different materials?

The advent of technology has gradually changed the way we produce bats. Bats are made of different materials as compared to only aluminum. The baseball regulating body provides guidelines about the different types of bats used by different professional levels and age grades. Getting a new baseball bat can be overwhelming, especially for amateurs.

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The baseball bat is an important piece in the game; therefore, the baseball bat’s weight is of utmost importance in the game. However, the bat’s weight varies due to different professional levels, and each professional level has its age grade.

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In this post we will talk about

  • Things to Consider When Buying a Bat
  • Baseball Bat Weight
  • Dimensions of Baseball Bat
  • Weight of Bats in Different Leagues

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Things to Consider When Buying a Bat

It is not so as many people forget that there are certain rules and things to consider before getting a baseball bat.

Things to consider include materials used in the bat’s production, type of bat, length of the bat, and most importantly, the bat’s weight. The bat’s weight has a lot of effect on the user, which will, in turn, affect the game in a way, so it is very important to familiarize yourself with the weight of a bat before getting it.

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what is average baseball bat weight why does weight vary between bats

Baseball Bat Weight

Baseball is a professional sport and an important one; getting the average weight of a baseball bat is very important, especially for novices or starters in the game.

In most cases, professionals already know their way around the different types of bats and have people been paid to ensure they have the best equipment at their disposal. However, the story is not the same for a novice or starter in the game; in most cases, some people think you walk right into a store and pick a baseball bat.

How Can You Familiarize Yourself With the Bat?

To familiarize yourself with the bat’s weight, there are some simple tests you can conduct by yourself.

First Test

The first test is to take a swing with the bat. The bat’s weight is often based on what you feel when you take a swing with the bat.

Let us take an instance when you use a heavy bat; taking a swing with a bat too heavy for you as a player gives a high tendency of the bat dropping mid-swing and also tiring out your arms quickly, which will, in turn, provide you with lesser hit force and will ultimately affect the game at the end of the day.

Second Test

Another basic test that you can perform to know if the weight of a bat is alright for you is the outstretch test; in this case, you take the bat and hold out your hands in an outstretched position; if you can hold this position with the bat in hand for at least thirty seconds without dropping your arm, then the weight of the bat is perfect for you.

A bat that can be held outstretched for thirty seconds will perform better than one you cannot. To avoid any problems during a baseball match, it is advisable to get a bat not heavy.

Getting the average weight of a bat is generally simple as baseball’s governing body has provided a regulation. The standard size of bat for baseball players means a professional baseball bat will have a range of uniform weights.

Dimensions of Baseball Bat

Before going into the weight, a baseball bat’s regulated dimension is this, diameter no more than 7.0cm and 1.067m in length.

Material of Baseball Bat

As said earlier, getting baseball weight is not a difficult fit as the governing body regulated a baseball bat’s size. However, as a baseball bat is now made from different materials, you have to familiarize yourself with the different materials.

Some materials like solid wood bats tend to be heavier, and materials such as hollow metals tend to be lighter.

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Weight of Bats in Different Leagues

A Major league baseball bat with regulation must not weigh less than 32 ounces or two pounds; the smallest bat in major league baseball weighs 2 pounds, with the heavy ones weighing up to 54 ounces or 3.4 pounds.

The weight of baseball bat also vary with the leagues and ages of players; the leagues and weight of bats are as follows

Senior League

In this league, bats must not be longer than 36 inches in length, 2-5/8 inches in diameter; the bat must not weigh more than three ounces less than the bat’s length, A 36 inches long bat cannot weigh more than 33 ounces.

Little League Major Division and Below

In this division, the bat must not be more than 33inches in length, which means the weight of the bat is 30 ounces


As discussed earlier, not all baseball bat has the same weight, although different professional bodies regulate baseball bats’ weight. However, baseball weight varies with the professional level of the baseball league you are playing in and the player’s age using the bat.

The major reason baseball weight varies is the material used in constructing the baseball bat. A baseball bat can be made from different materials such as composite aluminum, wood, and a host of other different materials; These materials are generally varying when compared to each other, which will, in turn, affect the finished product; in this case, it is the baseball bat.

For instance, you cant compare the weight of a made 100% percent out of wood to the weight of a bat made out of hollow metal; the full wooden bat will always be heavier than a hollowed-out metal baseball bat.

From our research and findings, the major reasons one can say baseball bat varies to one another in weight is the age of the player, the professional level or league the player is in, and the material used in the bat’s construction.

These are the reasons why the weight of baseball bats varies from one another.