Ball Coach Pocket Radar Review – In-Depth Overview, Tips, & More

Hitters have skills such as hitting, fielding, throwing, and base running. The speed of a ball matters in baseball or softball, and players must improve their skills. Training and drills improve skills. Devices are also useful in tracking the progress of players.

A ball coach pocket radar is a device that tracks the speed of a ball in flight. Although a ball’s speed can be measured manually by dividing the plate distance from the pitcher by the time the ball reaches the plate, it is not as accurate as using a device.

Ball Coach Pocket Radar

It is a device for measuring the fastest speed of a ball in flight. The radar works for different sports such as baseball, softball, lacrosse, cricket, and volleyball.

The radar measures speed within the range of 25 mph to 130 mph. The device’s accuracy is about +/- 1 mph, and it has a range of about 120 feet for baseball.

You can purchase the ball coach pocket radar from different online stores, and it costs about 300 dollars on average.

Ball Coach Pocket Radar Vs Pro Radar Guns

Although they perform the same function, there are some differences between the ball coach pocket radar and the pro radar guns. These differences include;


Guns are a general name for most radar devices because they are handheld, and they use a large radar transmitter called a horn. The horn usually has a cone shape and looks like a megaphone, and the radar gun is long enough to accommodate the horn antenna inside.

On the other hand, the pocket radar uses a smaller, flat antenna to create the same beam as the horn.

Power Usage

Pocket radar uses less power than radar guns and is much more affordable than radar guns. Pocket radar generally uses AAA batteries.


Although the pocket radar has a smaller range than expensive radar guns, the pocket radar has a more extended range than the less expensive radar guns.

A pocket radar’s content is a maximum of 120 feet, while the more expensive radar guns have a more extensive range.

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How to Set up a Ball Coach Pocket Radar?

To set up the device follow the steps below.

Step # 1: Remove the battery cover from the back of the ball coach and insert batteries in the specific direction inside the battery compartment.

Step # 2: Replace the lid.

Step # 3: The next step is to remove the plastic sticker covering the blue button and display it on the device. The ball coach radar will automatically turn itself on and measure ball speeds as long as you hold down the blue button.

Once the radar detects a ball in flight, it displays the speed on the device’s face, and this shows for up to 30 seconds. You can also recall readings from the device, and the ball coach goes off automatically after 30 seconds of inactivity.

How to Use a Ball Coach Pocket Radar?

pocket radar

To use the ball coach pocket radar, you have to hold and aim the device like a camera phone. The ball coach measures ball speed by sending out very low-power radio waves that bounce off moving objects.

The first step is to hold the ball coach straight up and down vertically with the radar beam pointing in the same line as the ball’s path. Avoid tilting the device, and also, do not block the radar lens.

You can check out this video for a demonstration on how to use the ball coach pocket radar;

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Using a device to measure ball speed increases a player’s skills and confidence. Ball coach pocket radar is very easy to use and has a manual that comes with its purchase. Following the rules in the manual helps with the handling and longevity of the device.

Since the device uses batteries as its source of power, it is advisable to use rechargeable alkaline batteries. It is affordable, has a warranty, is easy to use, and is very accurate.

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