Mako Torq Review – Detailed Overview, Buyer’s Guide, & More

Bats are essential for playing baseball, and they are for hitting balls. There are different bats for various baseball and softball leagues. Bats are also specific for age group and the type of hitters.

Manufacturing of Bat

Bat categories include weight distribution, drop weight, raw material, bat style, etc. In terms of weight distribution, bats can either be standard or end-loaded. Standard bats have an even weight distribution throughout the bat.

In contrast, end-loaded bats have a weight concentration towards the end of the bat. Power hitters and contact hitters use end-loaded bats and balanced bats, respectively. Drop weight determines how heavy a bat will feel. A bat with a low drop feels heavy, while a bat with a high drop feels light.

Raw materials for manufacturing bats include alloy, wood, aluminum, carbon fiber, composite materials, etc. Bat style refers to the combination of materials. Bats can be one-piece or two-piece. One-piece bats use the same material for both their handle and barrel, while the two-piece bats use different materials.

Mako Bats

Easton is a leading manufacturer of baseball and softball apparel and equipment.


They manufacture baseball bats, and they have different series. The “S” series bats are the speed series, and the “XL” series is the power series. The Mako bat is a combination of both series.

The bat maximizes power and bat speed and improves hitting skills. Thermo Composite Technology (TCT) is the technology for producing Mako bats. The technology elongated the bat, makes the sweet spot more enormous, and reduces the moment of inertia. Reduction in the moment of inertia reduces the resistance when swinging the bat and enables more speed.

There are different products in the Mako series, and they include;

  • Easton Mako Beast
  • Easton Mako Hyperlite
  • Easton Mako
  • Easton Mako Torq XL
  • Easton Mako XL
  • Easton Mako Torq

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mako torq review

Mako Torq Review

The Easton Mako Torq bats use new technologies to improve their performance and stand out in their category. The Mako Torq has a series of cool features, and a 12-month warranty, and is also acceptable in various leagues such as the Babe Ruth, Little leagues, USSSA, etc. Features of the Mako Torq include;

Composite Material

The Mako Torq bat is a two-piece composite bat. Two-piece bats provide flex when in contact with the ball, and composite bats are lighter than alloy. Composite bats also increase ball speed and distance.

Rotating handle

The Mako Torq bat has a 360-degree rotating handle that allows the bat to rotate freely in the batter’s grip. The handle rotates to create a fully extended swing while the top palm is facing down and the bottom palm faces up. The rotating handle allows the wrist to move freely and allows the better hit more pitches with power.


The Mako Torq bat has a drop weight of 10. Drop Weight is the negative difference between the length of the bat in inches and the bat weight in ounces. A high drop indicates a light bat, while a low drop indicates a heavy bat. Power hitters use heavier bats.

2 ¼ inch barrel diameter

A large barrel diameter makes contact with a baseball easier and creates a large sweet spot on the bat. A bat should have a barrel diameter of 2 ¾ inches to be considered as a large bat. The Mako Torq has a barrel diameter of 2 ¼ inches.

Thermo Composite Technology

Thermo Composite Technology (TCT) improves on the composite material. It creates a large sweet spot and unmatched bat speed.

Ultra-thin handle

The bat has an ultra-thin 29/32 inch handle with gaze grip, which creates comfort and durability.

ConneXion Technology

The ConneXion Technology maximizes energy transfer, creates an optimal feel, and eliminates vibrations in the bat.

USSSA BPF 1.15 Certification

BPF ball performance factor is a measure of how fast a ball rebounds on a specific bat when compared to a solid surface. The certification 1.15 shows that the bat has a rebound speed of 15%. BPF bats are the standard bats for USSSA (the United States Specialty Sports Association) leagues


The Mako Torq bat is useful for almost all age categories. The bat increases player performance, grip, and swinging techniques. You can easily maneuver the bat, and hit different pitches, and the bat is very comfortable. The bat is end-loaded and has high power. It increases ball speed and distance, and is thus, very suitable for power hitters.


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