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Baseball is an outdoor game with nine players each on two opposing teams. It is a bat and ball game, and the two teams take turns batting and fielding.

Some equipment is necessary to play baseball. This equipment includes a helmet, cleat, bat, gloves, ball, etc.

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Baseballs are balls that have a rubber or cork center that has yarn wrapping. The ball has horsehide or cowhide covering.


The balls are hand-sewn with 108 stitches that hold the cowhide in place. Stitches on baseballs are also known as virgules.

Baseballs have specifications that should be between 9 and 9 ¼ inches in circumference, and 2 to 2inches in diameter. Baseballs also have a mass between 5 to 5 ¼ ounces.


There are different baseball manufacturers, and they include Louisville Slugger, Rawlings, Wilson, etc.

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wilson a1010 baseballs review

Wilson Baseballs

Wilson is a sporting goods company that produces gear for different sports such as baseball, basketball, football, golf, etc.

Baseball Gear

Baseball gear that they make includes gloves, uniforms, protective equipment, baseballs, etc. Wilson produces sports goods with innovation to enhance player performance.


They make baseballs for different categories such as youth League, college and high school, and balls for practice.

Youth League Baseballs

Wilson produces youth league baseballs to meet league standards.

Some of these balls include the A1074 tournament series little league baseball, the A1082 tournament series Babe Ruth baseball, etc.

College and High School Balls

Wilson also produces college and high school balls to train and develop next-generation players.

Examples of college and high school baseballs include A1010HS1, A1015, etc. Baseballs for practice have extra durability and quality. Some practice baseballs include A1020, A1030, etc.

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Wilson A1010 Baseballs Review 

Wilson A1010 balls are legal for play in high school games. The balls feature a Super Seam Technology (SST), full-grain leather, and a red cushioned cork center with Dura-core technology.

Wilson A1010 Baseball Series

There are three balls in the Wilson A1010 baseball series, and they include

  1. Wilson A1010S
  2. Wilson A1010HS1, and
  3. Wilson A1010Pro.


Although members of the Wilson A1010 series have the same features, there are a few differences.

  • The Wilson A1010Pro is the most expensive member of the series, and it is for professional play.
  • High school games use the Wilson A1010HS1, and it is NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations) certified.
  • The A1010S consists of balls that don’t meet standards due to minor cosmetic imperfection.
  • The balls are standard but don’t look the way they are supposed to.
  • The Wilson A1010S is suitable for practice.

Wilson A1010 baseballs come in a pack of 12, and Like all baseballs, the Wilson A1010 baseball weighs 5 ounces and has a 9-inch size. Both men and women can use the ball, which is ideal for high school and college games.


Features of the Wilson A1010 include;

Super Seam Technology

This technology raises the ball’s seams 20% higher than any other seam balls with raises. This raised seam helps pitchers have superior control. It also allows fielders to locate the ball quickly in their gloves and throw with accuracy.

Full Grain Leather

Leather balls offer secure grip, and consistent play, and they are very durable. Wilson A1010 balls are from full-grain leather. Full-grain leather does not have any alterations to its original grain. Full-grain leather is durable and more water-resistant than other types of leather.

Red Cushioned Cork

This red cushioned cork gives the ball the ability to retain its shape and firmness. It also allows the balls to pop off better on the bat.

Dura-core technology

Dura-core technology is used in addition to the red cushioned cork to retain the ball’s hardness. It also helps the ball withstand impact and improve performance.

Flat Seams

Flat seams make the ball more aerodynamic and fly far. This flat seam gives pitchers and hitters an authentic feel of the ball.

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Wilson A1010 baseballs are from quality full-grain leather, which makes them durable. The balls are suitable for play in high school and colleges. The Wilson A1010 balls improve the player’s accuracy and performance. The balls come in a pack of 12, and they are very affordable.