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The baseball game has been around for a long time; It is one of the most popular sports in the world. The baseball game has a wide following and enthusiasts today, like every sport in the world, baseball started from humble beginnings whereby players are allowed freehand on many things, However as the game grew, so many rules and regulations shaped the baseball game into what we know it to be today started springing up.

Regulation on Equipment

In baseball, the equipment used in playing the game is a crucial part of the game that cannot be neglected; during the beginning days of the game, there was little or no regulation on the type of equipment used by a player.

There was no regulation whatsoever in the game, which led to a lack of uniformity in the game, Then baseball players use any size and length of a bat as it suits them, which is not supposed to be so; also, there was an absence of gloves for the players during that time.

I know what’s going on in your mind on this matter; how do catchers catch the ball?

In baseball history, this is a question that enthusiast often asks of the game, Then catchers catch the ball with their bare hands, painful if you ask me, but then that is the price most pioneer players play when there is a new game with little rules, regulations, and equipment.

How did rules and regulations change the game?

However, as the game progressed and garnered more followers, the need to set up rules and regulations guiding the game sprung up; these rules helped in changing the game in lots of ways;

Baseball Bat

The equipment used in the game was regulated, the major equipment present at that time was the baseball bat. Then players play with different sizes of the bat.

With the rules and regulations being put in place, the sizes and length of the baseball bat were first reviewed and regulated, which gave the game a degree of uniformity and ultimately helped in pushing the game forward.

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Another effect the rules had on the game was the introduction of new equipment like gloves, helmets, and the like,

The introduction of gloves help the catchers a lot as it helped in easing the pain of having to catch high-speed balls with bare hands, although the gloves that were first introduced were no as sophisticated as the ones we have in present times so catching and holding the ball with it was impossible; however, catchers swat the ball to the ground before picking it making it easier to catch a ball and ultimately reducing the pain players have to go through in catching a ball.

As time went on in the game, all the newly introduced equipment gradually evolved to be better suited for the task they perform. The training of players became common and compulsory in baseball, which led to the widespread growth of baseball.

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what do baseball catchers wear what is the best brand

What Do Baseball Catchers Wear?

This segment of the article is focused on what baseball catchers wear and the most quality brands. The catcher wears a catcher’s mitt, chest protector, helmet, and knee savers in baseball. This equipment used in baseball today results from the evolution of the game and the need to protect the players during the game.

The Catcher’s Mitt

The catcher’s mitt is an essential type of glove in baseball; in the catcher’s mitt, some brands make their mitt larger while others make it smaller.

Glove Size

When picking a catcher’s mitt glove, one should always try it out as different players prefer different glove sizes, so to find out if you are compatible with the glove or not, you should always try out your mitt.

As a catcher, you have to decide if the larger or smaller mitt is good for you; however, the longer it takes to break a glove, the more quality the glove is and the longer it will last.

The Chest Protector

The chest protector in baseball helps protect baseball players against life-threatening situations or damages. The major reason the chest protector was introduced in baseball is to protect the shoulders, ribs, chest, and other internal organs of the player from the ball’s impact.

The Helmet

The catcher’s helmet or mask, as it is referred to, is designed to protect the face and the head of the players against serious facial injuries and fractures that can be life-threatening; the mask or the helmet helps to distribute the force of impact around the helmet through paddings in the helmet, helping to reduce the force of impact the ball has.

Knee Saver

Knee catchers are designed to help protect the catcher’s knee; the knee saver provides comfort for the players, support, and protection for the players; the knee savers are designed to hold firm to the knee during play.

Best Brands for the Equipment

The above listed are the equipment catchers wear on their bodies in the game of baseball to help reduce the chances of an accident during play.

There are specific brands that are quite popular as a result of their quality; the list of best brands that you should know and consider when buying the equipment for a catcher is listed below.

Catchers’ Mitt

We have the Mizuno mitt, All star-mitt, The Wilson mitt, and The Rawlings mitt for the catchers’ mitt.

Chest Protector

We have The Wilson, the All-star, the Mizuno, the Nike, the Rawlings, and the Under Armour for the chest protector.

The Helmet

For the helmet, we have The Hockey style helmet and the Traditional helmet.

Knee Saver

For the knee saver, we have The Mizuno.

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The catcher wears a lot of equipment in the game of baseball that helps protect them from fatal injury cases; this equipment also makes it possible for them to perform their duties in the game with a hundred percent efficiency.

One piece of equipment that raises controversy is the knee saver; most enthusiasts believe a player that wears a knee saver is lazy; however, it is not so. The knee savers were introduced to protect players more. The brands listed above are the best in baseball and should look out for when getting baseball equipment.


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