DeMarini CF Zen Review – All You Need to Know, FAQs, & More

Bats are essential in a baseball game. Hitters use a bat to hit a ball in the air to score home runs. Apart from the hitter’s skill, the type of bat used determines the speed and distance of the ball. Different brands manufacture bats and they include DeMarini, Chandler, Easton, Marucci, etc.

Baseball bats should satisfy league standards. Composite materials, wood, and alloy are the materials for manufacturing bats. Bats can also be one-piece, two-piece, or three-piece. There are also customized bats that follow customers’ specifications.

DeMarini Bats

DeMarini has been making baseball bats for a long time. They produce bats that meet the BBCOR (bat-ball coefficient) and USSSA (the United States Specialty Sports Association) standards.

When was DeMarini founded?

DeMarini was founded in 1989 in Oregon by Ray DeMarini and acquired by Wilson Sporting Goods in 2000.

DeMarini produces bats with varying drop weights to suit different leagues. They also make apparel for softball and baseball. DeMarini builds bats with quality, innovation, and the latest technologies.

Are DeMarini bats customizable?

DeMarini bats are also customizable. To order a customizable bat, a customer logs on to the custom section of their website and specifies different parameters.

These parameters include bat color, paint type (color or matte), and bat grip. You can also choose to combine colors with patterns and add content to the barrel. You can select font size and color, and personalize the knob, and the end-cap with fonts and icons.

What are the different DeMarini bats?

There are different DeMarini bats, and they include;

  1. DeMarini CF
  2. DeMarini Voodoo
  3. DeMarini Sabotage
  4. DeMarini the Goods
  5. DeMarini FNX
  6. DeMarini Prism
  7. DeMarini Ultimate Weapon

DeMarini CF Zen Review

DeMarini CF Zen Review

The DeMarini CF Zen is a member of the DeMarini CF series. It is considered the best bat of the series, and it has a -10 drop weight with a combination of speed, power, and bat control.

Features of DeMarini CF Zen

The bat has high technological features such as

A Sizeable Sweet Spot

The sweet spot in this bat is large, and it spans about 360 degrees around the barrel. A large sweet spot increases hitting accuracy and minimize vibrations from mishits. It also ensures extensive plate coverage.

Paraflex plus

The DeMarini CF Zen uses paraflex plus as the raw material. The paraflex plus is an engineered material that is highly durable and has consistent responsiveness. This material contributes to the huge sweet spot of the bat.

Two-Piece Design

The bat is a two-piece bat with a streamlined design. A two-piece bat is a bat that has different materials for the handle and the barrel. Two-piece bats have flex and cause an increase in ball speed when the bat comes in contact with the ball.

3 Fusion Connection System

The DeMarini CF Zen has a streamlined design. The streamlining is done with the 3Fusion connection system, which provides a connective transition for the bat. The design aids bat control and helps in even weight distribution.

-10 Drop Weight

Drop weight bat is the negative difference between the length of a bat in inches and the bat’s weight in ounces. Drop weight refers to the importance of the bat concerning the size. A high drop bat is a light bat and is very comfortable for swinging at fast speeds, but you need a lot of force.

On the other hand, a low drop bat is a heavy bat that does not require a lot of swinging but the bat transfers a lot of energy. Since a -10 drop weight bat of a high drop bat, it is suitable for younger players who can not swing bats faster.

X-lite Knob

The DeMarini bat has an X-lite knob that reduces sting and improves comfort.

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The DeMarini CF Zen is the best bat of the CF series. It is a high drop bat with a drop weight of -10, and it is suitable for young hitters who can not swing a bat at very fast speeds.

The bat is highly durable because of its paraflex material, and it comes with a warranty. The bats cost about $300, and it is customizable.