BBCOR Bats Review – All You Need to Know, FAQs, & More

BBCOR stands for “Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution.” BBCOR bats are used in high school and collegiate league games. They are adult baseball bats.

Let us find out more about BBCOR bats.


Bbcor bats generally use composite materials and alloys in manufacturing. They have a barrel of 2 5/8 inches in diameter and a -3 length to weight ratio.

Bats should be heavy, and swing weight measures how heavy the bat feels when swung.

What is the difference between end-loaded and balanced bats?

Heavy bats are also known as end-loaded bats, and there is a weight concentration toward the end cap.

In contrast, the less heavy bats are balanced bats, and there is even weight distribution. Power hitters make use of end-loaded bats, while contact hitters make use of balanced bats.

Heavier bats generate more power, produce high ball velocity, and increase distance.

How are bats classified with respect to their build?

Another bat classification is the build. Bats can be one-piece, two-piece, or three-piece.

One-piece bats are solid bats with a continuous piece of material, while two-piece bats have two parts: the barrel and the handle. One-piece bats are stiff, while two-piece bats provide a bit of flex contact with the ball.

Three-piece bats have a connection system of polymer between the barrel and the handle. The connection system allows for independent movement between the barrel and the handle.

Top 10 BBCOR Bats

There are different types of BBCOR bats, and the top ten 2021 bbcor bats include;

#1: Louisville Slugger Meta BBCOR Bat

Louisville Slugger Meta bat is a balanced, three-piece bat made from composite materials.

#2: DeMarini Goods BBCOR Bat 2020

DeMarini goods bat is an end-loaded, two-piece bat made from alloy

#3:DeMarini CF

DeMarini CF bat is a balanced, two-piece bat made from composite materials

#4: DeMarini Voodoo One

DeMarini Voodoo One bat is a balanced, one-piece bat made from composite materials

#5: Marucci Cat 9 Connect

Marucci Cat 9 Connect bat is an end-loaded, two-piece bat made from alloy

#6: Easton Maxum Ultra

Easton Maxum Ultra bat is a balanced, one-piece bat made from composite materials

#7: Marucci Cat 9

Marucci Cat 9 bat is a balanced, one-piece bat made from alloy

#8: Louisville Slugger Meta PWR

Louisville Slugger Meta PWR bat is an end-loaded, three-piece bat made from composite materials

#9: Axe Avenge Composite

Axe Avenge Composite bat is a balanced, three-piece bat made from composite materials

#10: Easton B5 Pro

Easton B5 Pro bat is a balanced, one-piece bat made from alloy

How to Choose a BBCOR Bat?


Using the right size of gear during a game provides a good fit and increases the chances of hitting the ball and scoring. There are different weights and dimensions for bbcor bats, and a player should choose bats that are not too heavy.


To determine how heavy a bat is for a player, the player should hold the bat with his dominant hand in the same position for at least 20 seconds. If the player can’t keep the bat in the same place, then the bat is too heavy.

Bat Size

To know the right bat size, use the weight drop. The weight drop is the negative difference between the bat length and the bat weight.


Length is from the knob to the end cap of the bat. Bat length is in inches while bat weight is in ounces. Bat sizes and drop-weight are different for various age groups.

  • For children between the ages of 5 and 11, a bat barrel size of inches and drop weight of -13 is optimal.
  • For ages 14 to 16, the bat barrel size should be 31 inches to 33 inches.
  • The drop weight should be 32 inches in length and 34 inches for ages 16 to 18.

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Bbcor bats show a bat’s trampoline effect, which is a significant factor in ball velocity and distance. The bats vary in weight distribution, build, and raw materials.

Choosing the correct bat size improves a player’s swing and performance.

Let us know which bat you think is the best in the comments below.


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